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London Rebels | Metropolitan’s powerhouse posse

LondonRebels, or LDNRBS, caught my attention after one of their songs started playing from the recommendations. I sat on my balcony and rushed inside to identify those unknown voices and soothing beats. At first sight, all I discovered about these voices was that they were a music/art/film collective. Luckily, a quick Google search gave me more information about the beautiful artistry that came through my speakers.

In an interview with Konbini, I read that London Rebels is run by Ty Rochester. The collective serves as a way to keep ties with the creative heads Ty befriended during his years at the London Metropolitan University. Among them are co-founders Clarke Hemmings and James Linton, and another handful of talented artists. Names like Marcella, Aneesa Marie, Keys The Prince, Illianna, Juvenal Maze, Dusty, AWRT, KVN, Kai Jones, ySo? and Dayasoul. Names I’ve never heard before, but are each individually worth researching.

All, and I mean literally ALL, songs on the playlist Highground are straight up fire. There are mellow Jordan Rakei vibes, heartbreak rnb jams, 1980 Estelle bars and grimey Skepta-like tracks. Midway through, there’s an interlude called THE BEST IN ME, which gave me major wedding vibes (like, that’s what I envision my man singing to me drunk at our afterparty). The interlude is followed by So Blessed, a perfect song to set as your alarm for early morning cheerful vibes.

I need to start tuning in to their weekly Pulse88 radio show, because this powerhouse posse is doing everything right.

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