Lolo Zouaï | Parisian flair with SF and Brooklyn add-ons

The first time I heard Lolo Zouaï’s voice was in the upcoming mix of my friend slash creative talent slash personal music oracle Med.

The moment those High Highs to Low Lows came through I stopped and excitedly screamed “WHO IS THAAAT?!“. Her voice sounded like future stardom pur sang.

Lolo Zouaï’s bittersweet bangers have that perfect amount of Parisian flair combined with casual Cali waves. Like her latest track Brooklyn Love – a song takes me back to warm windy LA beaches, but could also very well be recorded in an old smokey Parisian flat. Though, the song itself is about my favorite city.

The independent artist has previously worked with H.E.R., teaming up with Gabi herself, DJ Camper and SoundzFire to create Still Down. She has a knack for crafting lyrics that resonate with a lot of us women. Take So Real, where Lolo sings “I’m done with you. I don’t fuck with you. This got me hella mad. Not even getting sad. I’m over this bullshit. You see your real friends don’t quit” – lyrics that I almost word for word wrote my girl last night, venting over people that come into your life only to serve their own needs.

Which makes me wonder, why does every single one of my girls feel this type of way on like, a regular basis?!

[Takes deep breaths]

Letting go, Lolo, letting go. We’ve got this!

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