Sign This Kid Lex Amor

Lex Amor

“You invite me to your house and you don’t even got no juice for man or nothing. What’s in the fridge? Government Tropicana? Yeah… alright, I’ll drink that then.”

With those words ends the first track Quarter Century — a smooth intro that makes you prolong your breaths and pause for a moment, slowly getting carried away with the lyrics, or whatever’s on your mind that day.

In Hype Magazine, Lex Amor explains: “Government Tropicana is the story of first-generation working-class London; an attempt to articulate the nuance of my lived experience,” Lex explains. “This project is a celebration of collective cultural norms and an exploration of my life to this point.

The tranquil, warm vibes of Lex Amor’s first EP, Government Tropicana, are present in each of the nine tracks, making it an excellent listen on grey, candle-lit winter days.

Lex Amor blends her own poetry-like rap with features from fellow Londoners like artist Seinna and rapper and producer duo Dips & Lo-Wu. Listen below.

Personal favorite track: Bones ft. Seinna

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