Laura Misch

Laura Misch | A playground full of soulful, jazzy saxophone tunes

I love artists that have such a refined sound that you know already before hitting play their music will cause a minor eargasm. I knew that when Trevor Lanier sent me his latest single “Same Ones“, and I knew that when Laura Misch released her “Playground LP” yesterday.

I can only imagine how proud mom and dad Misch must be. Son Tom recently dropped his amazing “5 day Mischon” project, with current on-repeat favorite “Day 2: Feeling (feat. Novelist)”, and now daughter Laura brought out her own jazzy project.

The UK saxophonist, singer, and surprisingly also amazing acrylic painter’s timing couldn’t be better. The jazz influences, Laura’s soulful voice, the warm sounds of the keys, and those heartfelt saxophone rhythms are the perfect background music for late summer nights. It’s the kind of music that already gives you goosebumps just listening to it at home, so one can only imagine what a magical journey it will be when performed live on stage. I might need to plan a trip to London very soon…

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