Sign this Kid L Martin

L Martin | London TRTD rapper that will make your Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day. Ladies, may all the fuckboys you’ve dated realize today that you were pretty bomb after all.


Music-wise, we’re talking about West London artist L Martin and his newly-released Valentine playlist PUSSY POWERS“A compilation of songs curated and released by L Martin featuring a variety of artists to compliment your Valentines day.”

Mind me, I am completely biased and will undoubtedly admit that if you play me any type of UK rap, I will give you mad enthusiasm in return.

It’s just something about them flows. And, the visual presentation that comes with the rap (it only takes one shirtless Skepta to wonder if that mosh pit close to the stage is perhaps a great idea after all).

However, one can’t deny the talented wordplay and lyricism of upcoming artist L Martin. The humorous, uncensored lyricist is affiliated with TRTD (TOORARETODIE), a rap family that started as a duo with Stash Peso, and was later joined by artists Monroe Joe, Maine and Casscade – all of which can be heard on the playlist.

Though the name and artwork might imply different, PUSSY POWERS is surprisingly vulnerable and on some refreshing good guy behavior.

The opening track Be Mine starts with heartwarming vocals from Nina Alexis, on a beat that I first heard on Johnny Cloud’s song My Journey. Though I can’t unhear those bars, I do love how various artists take identical beats and end up creating a very different track.

L Martin then uses an Eddie Kendricks sampled beat and gathers his crew to talk about black-colored hearts and trying to move on from relationship drama. The playlist ends with Same Time, a sunny song that reminds me of other UK gem Loyle Carner.

Apart from the on point flows and R&B influences, PUSSY POWERS excites me because of the stories told on the tape. These guys don’t feel too cool to admit that, they too, get into their feels and deal with heartbreaks and setbacks. Which, gives me a hope living in a city full of non-committing slackers.

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