Kyle Thornton & The Company

Kyle Thornton & The Company | Soulful rap with a whole lotta horns

Kyle Thornton & The Company is the equivalent of major good vibes. Sunshine appeared on this grainy day when I listened to “Complicated Melody” (and that’s not even a lie). They make so-called “Soul-hop”, a mix of three horns, rap, sound samples, catchy drums, and guitar jamming. Influenced by blues, gospel, Motown, soul, and R&B and muses like The Roots and D’Angelo.

The band originally contained of college friends Kyle Thornton (vocals/guitar), Henri Young (bass), Zakery T. Lewis (trombone), Noah Conrad (trumpet), Johannes Burger (keys), Brett White (saxophone), Sam Segerblom (guitar), and Marshawn Fondren (percussion), who all attended Berklee College of Music.

The Kyle Thornton project was their fun get-together, playing music, teasing each other constantly, and hoping to star at one of the Caf Shows. Little did they know, that in 2015 they would be performing at Lollapalooza in Chicago. After some members graduated and ventured into solo projects, the band has now boiled down to five talented members, with new addition Christian Crawford on bass.

Their seven-track “Space To Move: Part I” is the ideal sunny-days soundtrack, taking you from daydreaming about summer crushes (“Girl, you like a tall glass of lemonade, You’re perfect on a hot muggy summer day”), to offering a shoulder to lean on when shit hits the fan (“It’s been a week and shorty you can’t even speak, I’m making friends with your read receipts”).

Source: Verge Campus

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