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KwolleM | The creative genius behind mellow grime

Underneath is a snippet of the things I excitedly shouted when first hearing master beat crafter KwolleM:

“Yo, what is happening?!”
“How crazy is this beaaaaat”
“Oh noooo he didn’t”
“I cannot”

I was hyped, to say the least.

KwolleM transforms those gritty British grime tracks the guys normally go all buck wild for into feelgood R&B-like tracks that are excellent love affair music. Mellow grime is what the upcoming Newham producer calls it (hence KwolleM – or Mellow spelled backwards, plus a K).

It’s Destiny’s Child, T2 and Patti Labelle paired with bars from Dizzee Rascal, Tempa T, Skepta, Rayf, [L]ife, and AJ Tracey. It’s the softness of Venus meets the sturdiness of Mars. It’s too many men reworked to all the girls want to be part of this soulful party.

Apart from KwolleM ‘s genius invention of my new favourite music genre, the young all-rounder also shines with his Accounting & Finance bachelor degree and Fashion Week runway/assistance experience. Quite the resume. Quite the kid.

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