Sign this Kid KWAYE

KWAYE | 21st century superstar that’ll be Uber-famous

It’s hard not to fall in love with KWAYE the moment the 23-year-old(!) starts singing.

KWAYE, short for Kwayedza David Kureya, made his way from Zimbabwe to London to Los Angeles—the place he now calls home. Equipped with an impressive vocal range and the skills to play the viola, sax and guitar, the singer was destined to find his way into the music industry. Though probably in the most surprising way possible, namely from the backseat of a car.

The Guardian writes: “Then he found himself in an Uber driven by “a former music industry exec”, and played him the song. The driver soon texted saying that a friend who ran an indie label wanted to meet. He picked Kwaye up and took him to the offices of Mind Of A Genius, where founder David Dann offered Kwaye free studio time, and signed him later that year.”

KWAYE’s artistry contains all the necessary elements to make a 21st-century superstar. From a soul-pinching voice singing beautifully compiled lyrics, to his well-curated appearance (think catwalk-ready unicolored ensembles) and artsy videos that showcase his heritage and gracious body movements.

The rising artist is right up there with inspirational musicians like Solange, Blood Orange, Kwabs and Gallant. He belongs to the array of artists that set new standards and invite the listener to explore wider soundscapes. I dig it, a lot.

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