Sign this kid Kofi Atah

Kofi Atah | Poetic lyrics on beats that sound like rays of sunshine

Boy wonder Gazpacho. told me how he used STK to find new gems the other day, and now it’s my time to profit from his more than amazing repost on SoundCloud.

Kofi Atah is the answer when wondering what to listen to after blasting Chance The Rapper’s “Coloring Book” on repeat these last few months.

The reason why I love the vibe of this Columbus-based artist is because the rap is A-level and the lyrics are kindhearted and almost poetic. The beats sound like rays of sunshine on an early Sunday morning; dreamy and mellow. Kofi Atah is the type of rapper that creates music in its most artistic form, to convey messages that resonate with all too many of us. Wondering about whether we have to change to maintain a relationship, if his dad Mr. Attah is proud of him regardless of him not being perfect, or if he needs to speak Russian to impress his lady. Though the latter might only resonate with a selective few, admittedly. I still refuse to bond with any German-speaking guy even after being in Berlin for more than five years (I know, I know).

On my favorite song “paintings”, Kofi sings “I’m painting faces on, I’m blue one day and then the next is gone. Green in my eyes, I never show you how I feel inside. Cause I’m ferocious, no emotion, I’m making oceans, want your devotions to nobody.” The song features Atah’s friend and super dope sounding rapper NAME, and expresses how Atah puts on various masks to cover his true feelings and personality.

Kofi Atah currently only has seven songs on his SoundCloud, but I’m expecting, or rather demanding, a LOT more to come. How about that, Kofi?

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