Sign this Kid Kiah Victoria

Kiah Victoria

My newly released Pho The Girls mix for my lovely friend Maggie from Stimulate Your Soul opens with L.A. singer Kiah Victoria’s Ornament. By now, I must have heard this song about 50 times and I swear it gets more beautiful and goosebumpy each time (the “I wish I was someone” parts… my skin electrifies every time).

Her MEMOREMIXTAPE dropped earlier in 2020 and to me, it stands out because it’s different. When I first heard the moving piano interlude that’s Ornament, I was expecting an EP with similar vibes throughout. But then Really Out Here started playing and I had to reopen my SoundCloud tab to see if I were still on the same album. “Ohh, this is interesting,” I thought.

On song #3, Kiah returns to just her and the piano on the beautiful Valet in F Major. I LOVE when you hear the keys being pressed. It makes a song living room-y, intimate, like she’s singing it just for you.

With Remedy, we take a different turn again. It’s a song that sounds spacey and makes me imagine robotesque females with twitch movements and their faces slowly cracking. Kind of like those Sevdaliza videos.

On Living & Giving, Kiah got my attention when singing: “Pineapples in the morning, sage burning on the lynch, toes touch in the backyard, Amen.” Amen indeed. The violins and Kiah’s dreamy voice make this song such a beautiful ode to life.

The EP ends with more upbeat versions of Valet and Remedy, showing she’s an artist that’s excited about letting people see different sides of her. I dig that. Plus, her Facebook bio reads “eating, riding the subway, basking in the sun” as interests, and honestly, that makes me like her even more because fuck yeah to that (my funniest memories happened in NY subways)!

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