Khary | The Dave Chappelle of hip hop

Khary’s “intern aquarium.” EP should come with a disclaimer, warning you that when listening to the EP in public, laugh outbursts and people looking at you funny might occur. That’s exactly what happened to me when first hearing the creative piece of art Rhode Island’s Khary carefully curated.

The EP SoundCloud description reads “If you’re a dreamer working on bettering your current situation, if you are in your 20s trying to find your place in this world, or if you like cheeky wordplay and creative metaphors, this mixtape is for you.” And that’s exactly what intern aquarium. offers. The one-of-a-kind EP is a continuous stream of struggles every twenty-something can relate to, conversed through clever lines on catchy beats (like the Sángo-inspired beat from 2AM Thirst Ballad). The fifteen songs, featuring Boston-producers Tedd Boyd and Latrell James, are interspersed with hilarious skits of a figurative character that is impersonating Khary’s ex-boss. Skits that are hilariously real.

Khary’s “intern aquarium.” is the kind of EP, that you need to listen to on repeat, as you will discover new truths and fun word plays each time again.

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