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J U S T Y | Insecure struggles and soul food

At the tender age of 12, she already knew music was her passion. Justy (stylized as J U S T Y) is a singer slash songwriter from Staten Island, NY. Her latest single, Insecure, is an R&B late night joint that blends soulful vocals with hip-hop sounding bits and pieces (does anyone else hear Future I won in there? Sidenote: GOD this dude is unhuman wtaf, not okay). Insecure is a song about being an independent artist, and the fact that pursuing one’s dream doesn’t always go hand in hand with making sure everyone around you is comfortable.

Justy’s versatility can be heard on her older projects. Her earlier EP Chixmix features songs like BadGuy, where Justy effortlessly combines rap with singing. And then there’s Flexx, a “roof-down-windows-open sunny roadtrip with the girls” type of song.

My favorite project? Her one year old EP SOUL FOOD. For starters because you instantly have me hooked when the introduction is a spoken word piece. It directly creates a personal relationship with the artist by giving you a taste of their thoughts. The following three songs are mellow, small sounding, making you want to close your eyes and get lost in your thoughts – or Justy’s.

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