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Justin Ruff | The R&B singer that will sweep you off your feet

When was the last time you planned a quiet night of full-on, electronic-free me-time? I don’t know about you, but the term relaxing does not exist in my vocabulary. The only times my mind is free of thoughts is either when I drag myself to a yoga class or when I’m carried away by the magic happening on stage during a concert.

That was until I stumbled upon Chicago R&B artist Justin Ruff.

Ruff’s music is pure serenity. I listened to “Diamonds (Nothing On You)” and my heart filled with coziness. The tender way Ruff carries his words make you want to light some candles and just scribble in a notebook, not having a care in the world.

Justin Ruff is a younger Maxwell version; very handsome and very husband-worthy. His R&B slow jam “12 AM” sounds like de male equivalent of Ciara’s “Promise” and starts with Ruff’s high-pitched, angelic voice singing “Let me treat you like the queen you are to me, baby. I’m so into you, it ain’t nothing new, I belong to you. I’m gonna give you all that you need, I’ll be your everything. Give my all to you, give you something true, I belong to you. Take my time, do you right…”

Who else is having a major throwback to D’Angelo’s six-pack-era, when he blessed our TV screens with that highly irresistible “Untitled (How Does It Feel)” video? They don’t make men like that anymore these days.

Hearing an artist serenading women in the respectful way Ruff does is a refreshing change in a music industry where the word woman often seems to be confused with bitch or sidechick in lyrics. That, plus his undeniable talent, is why Justin Ruff is more than amazing to me.

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