Sign this Kid Joy Postell

Joy Postell | Baltimore butterfly that’s ready to fly freely

Joy Postell is the Baltimore-bred butterfly whose voice will warm your heart. The first song I heard, Water, immediately lured me in because of its interesting layers. The spoken word intro, the dissonant undertones, and food-for-thought lyrics make it a piece that deserves your full attention.

Last week, the singer-songwriter finally dropped her debut album Diaspora. The 10-track project is soulful from beginning to end, starting with a skit that sells the Diaspora hair product using the slogan “Know your roots with Diaspora.” Immediately after we dive into a journey of musical tracks that aim to find one’s conscious, true self, and freedom. We hear Postell singing about embracing where you come from and holding it down when you don’t get the respect you deserve. Joy Postell introduced herself to the world with an album that isn’t merely a pleasure to listen to but also carries inspirational lessons from a strong black woman. Well done!

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