Sign this Kid Josh LeBlanc

Josh LeBlanc | Fast, hilarious, and full of shade

Josh LeBlanc is memorable. So much that when he contacted me to listen to his song, I realized I had already listened to it—ages ago.

What’s different about LeBlanc? As his bio rightfully states: “Josh frequently veers away the Rap genre’s increasingly tired tendencies, making the listening experience feel entirely new and unpredictable.” His song First World Problems is excellent proof of this. The three minutes are an endless list of all the terrible yet hilarious things LeBlanc wants to have happen to his ex-girlfriend. Things like stepping on Lego, the charger being too far away from the bed, jamming your pinky toe and Starbucks always misspelling your name.  Shade at it’s best.

LeBlanc is funny, and Twista talented. His songs need your full attention, as the rap bars are spit so fast that you’ll miss all the clever messages if you’re not listening closely. I’m impressed!

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