Sign this Kid Johnny Clouds

Johnny Clouds | LA rapper you do not want to sleep on

Okay, yeah I see them snakes
Every day in LA
You just never know when they
Wanna switch on you…

That song. That beat. OH MY GOD YEEEES. I have one hundred percent rapped along to this joint for the last few days, hand movements included.

Johnny Clouds is the Los Angeles rapper that has got some serious talent. Apart from his compelling lyrics and immensely pleasant voice, Clouds should also be complimented on his choice of beats. The funky tune produced by Engelwood on Oh Wow, the laidback vibes from Slom on My Journey and the sample used on the beat of Sentimental Reasons are all an excellent fit. Plus, in the past he used beats by a handful of my personal favorite producers such as IAMNOBODI, Stro Elliot and Freddie Joachim.

His EP Running Amok has released two months ago and the feedback has been quite the surprise for the 2Pac-influenced rapper. On Instagram he writes “I wasn’t expecting anything out of it, then out of nowhere I started getting massive snap chats and picture messages of ppl actually purchasing the project, salute to those individuals!” To me, the hype around Johnny Clouds comes as no surprise since, and I quote, “good music will never go unheard of”.

Clouds has dropped new music each week since the beginning of October and will end the month with a fresh track produced by skullkid. Judging from skullkid’s latest Autumn playlist, I can only assume the track will be straight up fire.

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