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Jmac | Hairbrush karaoke music

Sometimes you have no idea what to listen to and you just want to put on something. Preferably something that will uplift your mood and has you dancing around the living room using your hairbrush as a microphone.

That something is Macstape ’17, a 44-minute long mix with STRICTLY epic edits. Ranging from 90s Wayne Wonder and Mariah Carey to Kehlani. A perfect set to listen to while you’re getting ready with the girls—though that’s really only one of many occasions where it feels right to hit play and start those good mood vibes.

The producer? Amsterdam-based jmac, or João Maceo Pieris—a member of the Art In Melodies collective and yet another addition to my ever-growing list of top-notch Dutch artists (whom I could have all seen do their thing live, but nah, I chose techno Berlin).

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