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Jakku | Heartbreak dialogues on melancholic piano melodies

Jakku’s profile is probably the most heartfelt, touching place within the SoundCloud sphere. His sound is tear-shedding, heavenly and melodic. The Manchester producer combines lo-fi beats with dialogues from couples with heartaches. His tracklist is centred around past loves and heartbreaks, which makes me feel for the in 1999 born musician.

The track We’re over. forever … starts with a dialogue taken from BoJack Horseman season 1 episode 11, in which Bojack begs Diane to tell him that he’s a good person underneath his narcissistic, selfish and self-destructive layers. The dialogue then transitions into a piano melody, after which another heated dialogue is layered over the beat. I love how Jakku, real name Jack, has the talent to take lines from an animated black comedy series that are by itself not that melodramatic and transforms it into a piece so sad, yet beautiful.

He does the same on once in awhile and on i hate that i can’t see you more, using the poem from 10 Thing I Hate About You. My personal favourite is texts and cigarettes, though I’ve been listening to Jakku’s songs for the last hour and I’m still finding new gems.

And then there’s one dance, our last dance, which is the most rainy, engaging version you will find of Drake’s One Dance. Furthermore, Jakku has several songs referring to SoundCloud’s biggest mystery Shiloh Dynasty, who’s interesting story you can read here.

Jakku’s ability to set a mood and carry so much emotion in a piece of music is admiring, and perfect for days when love isn’t exactly going your way.

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