Jacklyn | Female-empowering British pop

First, there was Mahalia, then Ama Lou, now there’s a new voice I absolutely love hearing on full blast through my headphones: Jacklyn Pandolfo. The London artist has only released a few original songs, but it’s enough to know I will love each following one too.


One, because you can’t go wrong when you name influences such as Amy Winehouse, Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, and Prince. And two, because her debut single is called Same Thing, and the lyrics are somewhere along the lines of “What you want from me? Tell me what you want now. I’m tired of playing games, do you want the same thing? I’m hearing all these names, but that shit will never break me. I’m done with all the pain, do you want the same thing?”

Jacklyn’s thoughts are mine. And that of pretty much any other single twentysomething that is tired of going from one failed dating attempt to the next. Though in Jacklyn’s case, her love stories are still mostly unwritten, as the singer/songwriter is just 18-years old.

Yet even at her age, she already knows she doesn’t need a man to feel fulfilled. “It’s all about loving yourself when falling out of love and being truly comfortable in your own skin,” the bright talent explains in an interview with Noble Vybe. Girl, YES!

I’m excited for the female-empowering essays she’ll bring into the world through her soulful songs.

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