Sign this Kid Jac Ross

Jac Ross

Oh my Gooooood, Jac Ross. You got me in tears in the middle of the day. I listened to Saved and around minute 2 my eyes got watery and I just sat there like: “Holy shit I am feeling this, SO MUCH.”

Jac Ross is my favorite found this week. His voice is a blessing, the pain is real, the music so genuine. I excitedly told my brother I’m hyped about a new artist I discovered, played Questions and he asked: “Is this a new release?” “Yeah” “Oh wow, it sounds like an old classic.”

It’s music that we don’t come across often these days but that is so, so needed.

My mental state goes from “Yay, made a mix, this quarantine isn’t so bad” to “AHHHH how much longer?! I am over this” in a heartbeat. What’s some on-the-surface rap song gonna do for me? Probably nothing. Give me the slow, heartfelt music Jac Ross pours his heart and soul into and my mood will change to: “We’re all in this together, we gon’ keep going.” And that’s why I love this guy.

P.S. The engagement in the comments of It’s OK To Be Black is beautiful to see (I’m definitely voting for that Baby Rose collab)!

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