Sign this Kid INTRN

INTRN | Melancholic electronic heartbreak songs

I’m not afraid to love you, is sung over an intensely melancholic beat, right before LA artist Jake aka INTRN comes in with his part. The dreamy electronic vibe is one that fits right in with the many beautiful Majestic Casual kopfkino uploads. INTRN has thus far just released two songs, but from what it looks like this is just the beginning.

In the comments of Voicemail—a mellow, wonderfully produced track—one of the listeners writes “Who are you? This is amazing”. Until now, the only things we know about the voice behind INTRN is that the artist is born in 1995 and basically just wants to “eat chips and salsa from chili’s bar and grill until I’m too full to eat my actual meal at least once a week.” I can get behind that INTRN, I really can.

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