Sign this Kid Innanet James

Innanet James | Maryland rapper who created his own fame

Innanet James is the embodiment of what it’s like to go from bedroom recording to finding your way into the hip hop scene, successfully. James showed that with enough determination, a full-time focus, a solid online presence and outreach emails to influential music platforms such as Pigeons and Planes, one can come a long way. For James, the innanet is his playground.

“I was working at DSW and going to art classes. I took a graphic design class but didn’t like it. It wasn’t my thing. Then, one day, as I got to work, I was like, “Fuck that shit.” I turned right back around, went home, and just started writing raps.” James explains in his Pitchfork interview. A statement so inspirational that I decided that my own Eureka day should happen in 2018.

His Quebec Place EP (not Canada Quebec, but a residential street in Washington D.C.) describes his story in more depth. Inspired by rap, R&B, and go-go, the EP showcases James’ his striking voice and wysiwyg lyrics. Apart from his solo work, his features are worth mentioning too. James has teamed up with must-know names such as KALLITECHNIS, RayanaJay, Mac Ayers and Kaytra’s baby brother Lou Phelps. The result? Listen underneath.

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