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HAMITR | Underground contemporary R&B joints

HAMITR is one of these unknown souls on SoundCloud. The Georgia Southern University-based artist has no profile picture, no biography, and not all that many followers. On first sight, someone you might just want to pass on. Luckily, he send me his music.

The contemporary R&B songs are soulful, easy to listen to. There’s a lo-fi instrumental called S E L F that sounds like a “Sunday night overthinking life” type of beat, while the songs with Roswell, GA based Charlie Myles are more lighthearted. Myles’ his rap evolved over time, getting less auto-tuned and mumbly with each song, resulting is cozy joints like Dinero. Worth your time are also HAMITR’s older pieces, such as Finna and Be A—which are more heading in the indie pop direction. HAMITR comes across as the type of underground SoundCloud producer that with time and the right marketing can build a nice little following for himself.

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