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H.E.R. | The low-key R&B MVP that makes you daydream about true love

I’ve been waiting and waiting for this album to release. Especially after seeing the short film “Every Kind of Way, a film inspired by the music of H.E.R.“, which takes on a journey and shows us the heartfelt love stories of different New York residents.

Without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to H.E.R. Volume 2.

Also known as the baby-making album that makes you want to stay in the entire weekend and get cozy.

H.E.R., or as fans by now have figured out Gabi Wilson, is the low-key R&B MVP (according to Billboard and myself) that has silently been taking the world by storm. It all started when that blue-colored cover with a sexy silhouette and curl madness appeared last year. The cover belonged to songs as “Losing” and an amazing, sensual cover of Drake’s “Jungle”. The album was slow, heartfelt, and highly resonating. Like the lyrics in “Pigment”.

Because it’s clear I’m getting bigger
I know you visualize my figure
I was the one that made you look
At your old girl and reconsider
You see me in that black dress
On the first date
And I’m causin’ frustration on your mind
Only in the best ways

Secretly I’m anxious, ’cause the thirst has never been mutual
It’s unusual
That someone like you thinks I’m beautiful
It’s beautiful, yeah
What we had was beautiful
Remember when you said…

Also, my post-New York song.

H.E.R. Volume 2 is once again packed with songs that will hopefully too resonate in my future non-single existence. Wilson sings about the kind of love we all secretly dream of, but also about the doubts on whether our love interest is still down and being blamed for having an attitude in a relationship. Her love talk is accompanied by melodic keys and barely-there beats. The simplicity of the music and Wilson’s warm voice make it an album you can wake up with, make love to and finally fall asleep with.

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