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GEBUHR | The Danish brothers that bring Cali vibes to CPH

For this review, I’ll stay a little closer to home. Today we’re talking about the young brothers Mads and Mathias, who together form the Danish rapper/producer duo GEBUHR.

They live in Copenhagen but sound anything but European. The autotune and American-sounding flow would perfectly fit in the overseas rap scene. Which probably explains why they’ve gathered over 750K Spotify streams after starting to actively promote their singles since the beginning of 2017. Mathias, the producer of the two, is responsible for the mellow, slightly moody beats, while Mads impresses with his effortless rap (at age 17!). Re-occurring themes are Cali road trips, heartbreaks versus new crushes and enjoying life with a drink or two.

GEBUHR currently tours around Denmark, though I wouldn’t be surprised if they will soon hit stages in cities like Amsterdam, Berlin and London as well.

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