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Gazpacho. | The GOAT SoundCloud producer, but really

Let’s take five minutes to be grateful for the miracle boy that is called Gazpacho. The SoundCloud producer has been on a roll these last weeks, bringing out literally BANGER AFTER BANGER. I find it mind-boggling. There isn’t one single song I play and not instantly love. L-O-V-E.

Now that’s impressive.

Gazpacho., a graphic design student from Lyon, France, takes known songs and puts them in a fresh jacket. Amy Winehouse, Anderson. Paak, and Kendrick Lamar vocals are blended with futuresound, soulful beats, giving each of the popular songs a totally different dimension.

Skepta’s rough grime bars on “Nasty” are all of a sudden easily suitable for a casual after work drinks environment after getting the Gazpacho treatment on “Asking for me like the WiFi code”. Robin Thicke’s upbeat “Blurred Lines” is stretched out and turned into a slow jam, sounding nothing like a Pharrell beat (but secretly so much better). “You blow me away” is a Destiny’s Child “Cater 2 U” version like you’ve never heard before.

And then there’s a project called “GIRL : a sound collage.”, which is the best thing I’ve heard all month.

And, and, and …

Maybe just listen. To every single song. I’m so groupie right now it’s not even funny.

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