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FS&HG | Refreshing hip hop duo that makes your yoga classes redundant

These past days have been centered around downward-facing dogs and shavasanas. The latter being my favorite part of my yoga classes (because I’ll always be a fatty at heart).

Though lying on a mat in a room full of other sweaty yogis can never reach the same calmness as sitting alone with your headphones, listening to the lyrics of an ambient track.

If you feel me on this one, read on…

I found the perfect EP to get you into that super zen “Should I drink green tea and be vegan for the rest of my life?” type of mindset.

“The Flowers In Your Room” is a dreamy EP by the refreshing hip hop duo FS&HG, short for rapper Frankie Stew and producer Harvey Gunn. The Brighton boys make chilled out, slightly moody rap on spacey beats. The EP starts with the excellent track “Grey”, where warm piano tunes are combined with soulful vocals, after which the song turns into a more upbeat setting and Stew layers it with his clean rap. A perfect beginning of the nine well-curated tracks that are about to follow on this excellent EP.

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