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F r a n c h i s e. | Summer-approved R&B remix maestro

I don’t know where you’re based, but let me tell you; global warming is real. Berlin is on fire, which is part of the reason it’s been so silent over here (I was one hundred percent busy tanning my ass, sipping wine, tipsy messaging bae – sorry, not sorry).

Warm temperatures need exotic beats. Beats from Vienna-based DJ and producer f r a n c h i s e., that is.

Francis Blanco creates music for summer seasons. He’s connected to “Dutchies winning again” collective sosodality, a creative platform & indie music label by the lovely Matjang and Chavez.

Franchise’s music is exactly what you want to connect to your JBL Go during an afternoon in the park.

Jorja’s On My Mind remix sounds like a glass of sangria, while his collaboration with Midas Hutch aka FS Green makes you want to bust out excessive shoulder and hip movements. And if you thought Kehlani’s Honey was already earwurm material on itself, Franchise’s remix is even catchier.

The list is endless; ranging from Lauryn Hill and Bryson Tiller baile-influenced joints to a smooth Justin Timberlake rework, as well as an excellent bass-heavy Khalid mix. This guy knows what he’s doing and I am absolutely loving it all.

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