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Foisey. | On-point beats you wish you had created

Foisey. is the must-remember name of the upcoming Soulection-endorsed producer. His style? Ciara songs made Church-appropriate, Skeme raps meet Lalah Hathaway R&B, and “oh nooo he didn’t?!” Rihanna remixes. Mike Foisey offers surprising elements, multi-layered beats and mash-ups you wish you thought of yourself. Inspired by Dilla, 9th Wonder, Ohbliv and Knxwledge, his sound is predominantly lo-fi, soulful and always on point. Foisey. effortlessly transforms classic R&B hits into even better, laid-back joints. His most recent release via Soulection named White Label: 020 is a perfect example of Foisey’s eargasmic sound.

Meanwhile, on SoundCloud, his fanatic fan base is going mad over the Norwich Connecticut producer, commenting things like “Woooooo!!!! I’m hatin that I didn’t create this”, “GOOOOOOOOD GOD !!!!!!” and “This needs to be 1hr long!!!!!!” Most comments contain all capitals and an extensive use of exclamation marks, which is – if you ask me – the most genuine expression of excitement one can wish for.

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