Sign this Kid Eliza

ELIZA | The soulful lovechild that creates musical scrapbooks

Her name is ELIZA.

Let me say that again. E-L-I-Z-A.

Got it? Good!

Because this girl is onto something else …

ELIZA is a singer based in London (because, where else?) whose currently making fame with her latest single Wasn’t Looking. She has that song, another beautiful track called Wide Eyed Fool, and then a musical series called Get In My Head.

Get In My Head Part I is like stepping on a soul-train, travelling back to a time where people were smoking cigarettes inside of their kitchen while a Motown record played from a slightly scratchy LP player. The sixteen-minute track rotates between samples of old soul bangers and ELIZA’s dreamy, Sunday morning vocals. It has early 2000s Montell Jordan and Angela Bofill’s jazzy saxophone sounds. The unexpected elements, old school beats, voice recordings and abrupt switches to new sounds make this sound collage a blast to listen to.

Oh, and did I tell you there’s in total four of these masterpieces?

Each Get In My Head installation offers, indeed, a peek inside the brilliant mind of the singer — like a musical scrapbook of ELIZA’s influences and moods. It’s a project that showcases the amazing talent hidden in this beautiful love child. I’m girl crushing, just a little.

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