Sign this Kid Elijah The Prophet

Meet Elijah The Prophet | The hip hop lyricist, dancer, photographer, writer and more

Artist name: Elijah The Prophet
Based in: Maryland, USA
Genre: Hip Hop/Boom Bap
Influences: My girlfriend, Homeboy Sandman, K Dot, and Mos Def
Must-hear song: Pre-Metamorphosis (but my personal favorite is Pizza and Game Cubes)

Your musical journey started as Zirohh The Rapper making trap music. What made you transition into being a hip hop lyricist?

The trap phase was definitely fun to do, but it wasn’t my calling. Honestly, the transition was because of my girlfriend, who at the time didn’t listen to rap or hip hop, but believed I could do so much more than rapping about drugs and violence. She gave me her perspective of the world in a spiritual sense and from her mind came Elijah The Prophet, which is also the name she gave me. So that is credited to her.

Before rapping you spent 17 years dancing urban/street. What did you like most about that phase? Can we expect choreographies on stage while rapping?

Dancing was so much fun, I had the best crew in existence. They taught me a lot, especially in creativity. Actually, some of them do music as well. My favorite thing about the phase was the family that came with it and the traveling to perform (sometimes across states). As far as choreography during performances, that is a definite maybe, only because I prefer the focus to be on my lyricism.

You’re currently working on your EP “Evolution”. How did that sound come together?

The sound for the EP came from just the beauty and pain of music. I love writing and sharing my heart and soul with listeners, but there are so many downfalls with music, especially when working full time and trying to support your family as best as you can. The EP was influenced by my frustration of trying to be better than myself. Like, when you drop a fire track and it is top-notch, but then you work on the next track and it isn’t better than the previous one so you write ten, or however many, tracks until you find that one. That bothers me a lot, especially because I do research on everything I say to avoid ignorance in my music.

I love writing and sharing my heart and soul with listeners, but there are so many downfalls with music, especially when working full time and trying to support your family as best as you can.

What are the best lyrics you’ve written and why specifically those?

The best lyrics? I believe they haven’t been written yet. I have some good lyrics, like my new unreleased tracks about racism, but the best? That has yet to come.

Apart from playing the keys, are there any other hidden talents we should know of?

I do a lot honestly. I use to write short stories and I’m a photographer, cinematographer, editor, technician, etc.

Your SoundCloud is packed with different producers. How do you go about finding suitable producers?

I get this question asked a lot haha. Finding different artists and great beats takes so much time, but when it comes to your beat, you need to put as much time in the instrumentals as in the lyrics. Finding the beat is a bit of a difficult task, but it comes along as long as you remain patient. I would only hope most of the producers hear the tracks and leave feedback.

So I know you’re working on setting up a studio and inviting artists. What would your dream studio session look like?

The studio idea is still up in air. My dream session is definitely a chill setting with some soothing art to build the mood of the evening. Maybe even with candles to relax the mind. As far as whom to invite? I would need Homeboy Sandman, Mos Def, Common, K Dot, and Clear Soul Forces all on one project.

You do the occasional shoutout on your music. What are some names you hope to thank one day for their support?

I hope to thank just anyone who is a fan. If other artists bump with me then so be it, I would hope the same of them. But God first, and then the family (including my partner). I know I will thank Sign this Kid for this chance to show and express the character “Elijah The Prophet” to the world.

Prophet in two years from now, what does his an average day look like?

In two years I’m in some apartment with my partner writing tracks and vibing out while she reads her books and makes some tea.


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