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Elijah Hook | Berlin’s best kept secret

Elijah Hook is one of Berlin’s best kept hidden gems. I found out about his two-week-old EP Cigarettes and Babypills right before the weekend and let me tell you, I just cannot get over this guy’s music. Like in a weird “I’m really trying to change it up but let me just listen to it one more time” kind of way.

Elijah’s EP is catchy, refreshing and well-produced, but most of all; plain, good old fun. No lyrics about fuckboys I find myself relating to, but weird shit about getting lost in booty cheeks, crispy blunts and Swiss money. Or a track called Microwave, on which Elijah talks about all sorts of things, just not actually microwaving food. Lyrics that make me wonder if the creation process was vastly weed-infused or simply next-level genius. Though definitely hilarious.

The six-track project is produced by fellow Berlin-based artist YMI (Yves Micosse), a producer that’s way too low-key for the high-quality beats that can be heard throughout the EP. IMHO. The best track on Cigarettes and Babypills? Rich Elephant, featuring the soulful vocals of East London singer J.Appiah. Hands down, pure gold.

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