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Ebz the Artist. | Soulful music from an artist jam-packed with talent

If you’ve been following STK for a while, you might wonder “Where them girls at?”

I wondered that too. I got lost in grimey, bass-heavy male hip hop for a second, but rediscovered my love for soft tunes and soulful voices again. Like Ledisi’s jazzy “Autumn Leaves“, SZA’s latest all too real album and Bibi Bourelly’s beyond amazing BOY studio session. I also had the chance to see ABRA, Little Simz and Lady Leshurr perform again – powerful female artists that KILLED it on stage. Especially Lady Leshurr, her personality is so genuine and bubbly and she knows exactly how to make a crowd laugh, dance and interact (see here).

So yes, we need some more females in this space. Which is why I would love to introduce you to Ebz the Artist.

Ebz the Artist is a Durham-based vocalist and producer who recently released her EP The Feel. A beautiful five-track project with slow, dreamy beats that showcase Ebz’s diverse skills and range. Ebz starts off with a warm sound, though quickly turns it up a couple notches Maxwell-style in the following track Don’t Shy Away. A choice well-made. On the closing track I Can’t Save You we hear that same high-pitched sound, combined with rain, thunder, and vinyl sound effects. Perfectly setting the mood to show the desperation one feels when a person can’t be saved from drowning in their own sorrows.

Both her voice and those lo-fi, slowed down beats make this EP a great listen by a woman that is jam-packed with talent.

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