Sign this Kid DON KENOBI and WESTON

Don Kenobi & Weston | Poolside rap

Why it gotta be a Thursday for us to have a throwback?

With this highly catchy tune, Don Kenobi and Weston start their two-week-old EP Road Maps.

The Don Bates-produced EP is a collaboration that embodies fun. The funky hip hop jams are laidback and summer-ready. I imagine the trio cracking jokes by the pool, filling up their red cups and making the most out of their lives. In reality, there was probably a whole lot more closed-doors studio work involved, but the end result sounds like a bunch of talented rappers having a good old time.

Road Maps is a nice addition to the 90+ singles Ohio hip hop songwriter Don Kenobi has already released. Kenobi started his career as Cedar, before changing his artist name into the Star Wars themed moniker. For Nashville’s Mike Weston Slutz (aka Weston), the EP is a long-overdue follow-up on his mixtape Unavailable, which was released in October 2017.

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