Dom Beats | The only producer that makes me listen to Future

How’s everyone holding up? I’m out here in Berlin buckling up for another week of rain and cold temperatures that everyone by now has had more than enough of. My throat is aching, my tea full of honey and my body is showing all the signs of calming down after last weeks’ whirlwind adventures.

Calming down huh. Not entirely in my DNA.

Until I started listening to Dom Beat’s Summer Tape album – an Instagram recommendation that I’m highly appreciative of.

Dom Beats, real name Dominik Kosztolanszki, is a beatmaker from Budapest that uses the saxophone, guitar, and piano to make soothing joys that tranquilize the mind. The album welcomes with a jazzy beat and Hungarian rap by Dóczi Bence and Kebab. An intro that brought me right back to those lazy summer days in Vondelpark, Amsterdam – back when the mellow tunes of Pete Philly & Perquisite were all I listened to.

The second track on the tape, Thanks Joe, then showcases the rap skills of fellow Budapest-based rapper ORLANDO on an equally well-curated beat.

Subsequently, Dom Beats dives into a bunch of samples from Future, Kanye, Childish, Nas, and 21 Savage. Flipped joints that actually make me want to sit through an entire Future song (and forget those Ciara wrongdoings for a second). My favorite track? Mex, a song that offers an entirely new dimension to club banger OG Bobby Johnson. Spoiler alert: so wavey!

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