Sign this kid Des Brennan

Des Brennan | Must-hear storyteller that has bars for hours

Sometimes I go from my SoundCloud feed to an artist page to their likes to another artist page to … well, you get my point. Today was one of those days. And that’s how I stumbled upon an artist that I am SO HYPED about; Des Brennan.

Wait, I might need to insert a GIF to explain my current state of being:

I listened to his latest track “Absent”, then continued with his new EP “For A While” and all I thought was: “WHO IS THIS GUY?!” His 2017 four-track EP is perfection, with its ambient beats, Laura Misch saxophone riddles, and A Tribe Called Quest samples. Des Brennan’s flow reminds me of P8TIENCE‘s at times and is so refined that he doesn’t need anything else but a simple beat to captivate the audience. That’s true talent to me.

If you too dig Des Brennan’s work, you should buckle up and prepare for a great day. The Rockland storyteller has endless bars and seems to release new work every two months, so we’ll be good fam. We’ll be good!

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