Derin Falana

Derin Falana | The he-has-it-all Brampton rapper

I’m terrible at predicting future happenings, but I am sure about one thing; Derin Falana is one of those artists that will turn into a household name in the hip hop scene as soon as the right person comes along, following the footsteps of fellow Brampton-natives such as newly-found R&B sensation Alessia Cara.

The Canadian rapper and dancer, who’s signed to label Vinci Circle, is just 23 years old but has it all; the laid-back look, the catchy beats, the smooth flows, and Sway’s approval. His anticipated nine-track mixtape “Live From Rocky Mountain” was praised because of its diversity. Heartfelt R&B jams are effortlessly mixed with headbanging, bass-heavy joints and reggae-influenced tracks. The best part? Due to overwhelming fan support, the release date was advanced to April 2016.

Now Derin Falana is back with “These Days Audio Journal Compilation”, a three-track project with songs that feel right from the very moment you press play and vocals that are at times nearly identical to Drake’s, which might or might not be a Canadian thing.

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