Sign this Kid Deez Knux

Deez Knux | The bedroom producer that loves Dilla, vinyls and breakdance

His real name is Chad Jackson, his artist name Deez Knux. Meet the bedroom producer slash Dilla fan from Tampa, Florida. His sound? Wonderland beats with tender piano melodies and hip hop, jazz and soul influences. Beats that are a perfect foundation for chill, uncomplicated bars from rappers that don’t need a big tune to get their message across. I imagine artists like Des Brennan and Suave-Ski, who were featured earlier on Sign this Kid.

Knux’ portfolio includes none other than Philly rapper Cassidy, whom Knux worked with on Things Go Bad. “His biggest credit,” he mentions in his kind submission email.

Though Deez Knux does offer the opportunity to buy his beats, they are a pleasure for the ear on itself already. As background music when working on a project, like his recent track Goodbye, or on a smooth summer day, listening to Before This or #TBT 2. The proud vinyl collector isn’t merely making beats, but also loves to spend his time practicing new break dance moves. A multi-talent whose beats will serve as an inspiration for many artists to come, if you ask me.

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