Dee Lilly

Dee Lilly | Happy-go-lucky beats with playful melodies

Your Sunday is about to get even lazier. Dee Lilly is the mastermind behind the happy-go-lucky hip hop slash electronic beats that make you want to turn around in bed one more time and just lie there, being grateful for the small things in life.

The DC-born producer evolved his sound by attending the Ellington School of The Arts. His SoundCloud showcases a variety of almost meditative instrumentals, with playful melodies and an occasional high-pitched vocal sprinkled on top. “Sincere” would mingle well with the jazzy auto-tune vibes on Robert Glasper latest’ album “ArtScience”.

Lilly earlier produced music for NY-rapper Mick Jenkins and Chicago soul singer Jamila Woods, and has recently teamed up with Chicago soul pop singer Daryn Alexus for their project “Wild Flower”, aimed to “Encourage listeners to be and love themselves wholeheartedly no matter the circumstance” (from A highly recommended piece of art!

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