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DeAndre | Modern-day R&B hero

I have loved DeAndre’s voice ever since I heard him singing that Maxwell part in Loops Live Sessions (Hi Blasko, you’re lovely!). So when I—rather late than never—realized DeAndre released an album earlier this month, I KNEW it was going to be ah-ma-zing.

Not so surprisingly, DeAndre did not let me down.

Right when I heard Catch, I stopped and smiled, overwhelmed with all the D’Angelo slash Maxwell vibes happening in my headphones, grateful for the fact that I found this modern-day soulful perfection.

In fact, I was so overwhelmed my eyes got slightly watery (as they do when I hear a great track, don’t ask).

And at that exact moment … my colleague stands up, looks at me, frowns, and goes “Megan, are you crying?!”

Oh, shit.

This is exactly why I can’t be getting into heartfelt albums on the job (or Kylie pregnancy announcement and humans-do-good-things videos, for that matter).

The album is beautiful—a perfect fit for let-your-hair-down evenings. I can see myself painting to this, waking up to this, working to this.

Its only feature comes from his big sister, Lynette Sullivan, and is a moving, uplifting, motivational spoken-word performance. On Instagram, DeAndre praises his sister, saying “A conversation with her similar to what she wrote is what started and inspired my song I.D.N.Y.L., (and if you ever met her you know a conversation with Nettie is a life changer) so I felt like it was necessary to be the interlude setting the track up . I don’t even know where to begin with this woman, she is one of my biggest inspirations in life.”

DeAndre Brackensick made an album I will have on repeat for months to come.

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