David Allen Dope

David Allen Dope | A laid back afternoon of summer R&B

David Allen Dope; a name that’s so well chosen, as the LA-born alternative hip hop slash soul singer is indeed hella dope. Like immediately when you first the laid back, clever raps of this wordsmith kind of dope.

His new EP “The #GoDope Project” was released last January, after Dope took a four-year hiatus. I’m proud to say that it’s definitely my best undiscovered gem so far. The #GoDope Project has this old-school boombox vibe and features catchy vocals by Martale, Mokah Soulfly, and Anthony Depree. It has this effortless sound, where Dope isn’t really worried about anything but “catching vibes, kicking flavor, giving game, getting paper, making honeys f a hater, then it’s back to the money, see you later”.

The EP feels like a sunny afternoon get-together, with snapback dudes on skateboards, red cups continuously being filled, and a bunch of tanned, semi-naked girls chilling at the pool. David Allen Dope brings back Pharrell and Jay-Z’s “Frontin'” house party all over again.

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