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Dally Auston | The future from the westside of Chicago

Westside Chicago rapper Dally Houston kicks off the new year with a brand new three-track project, fittingly named this is the FUTURE. The project is produced by fellow Chi-town cool kid Cangelosi and features rapper Qari (Iraq backwards). The songs, CAMBINA, CACTUS, and BARON DAVIS, have this laid-back, head-nodding vibe to them that makes you want to lay back and light up. Though I’m diggin’ his new project, my favorite Dally Auston song is hands-down All Dogs, a jazzy two-year-old joint produced by That Dude Nate. Auston’s voice is soothing in all of this tracks but particularly comes into full play on this one.

Surprisingly, the internet hasn’t caught up on this talent quite yet. A Google search results in a handful of interviews, YouTube videos, lyrics and funny enough, his very own GIF. Yet, Dally Auston is a SAVEMONEY affiliate. Yes, exactly, the hip-hop collective with Chicago “We made it” talents such as Vic Mensa, Chance, and Joey Purp.

With a new EP and a new year full of opportunities, I have no doubt we will hear a lot more of Dally Auston.

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