Daehan | Nineties nostalgia paired with nowadays beats

I promise you this: The day I make my debut behind the decks, daehan will occupy a good amount of my set.

I found this Korean LA-based wonder through a repost of German-producer TRVE HILL (whose untitled EP is a must-listen).

Daehan’s SoundCloud is basically a pile of lo-fi beats and 90s R&B flips that will make you feel very nostalgic inside. Think Chance’s Are You Ready with even more feelgood vibes and Chris Brown turned up a couple notches and paired with a spacey beat. Or a track hilariously called Vibeyness of vibes on sesame street, tagged future hip-hop.

And then there’s in my <3, which sounds like a modern version of a senior prom slow dance. Or that Sean Paul Temperature remix that shows that a 2005 hit can still work 13 years later when upgraded to a more current sound. Daehan, a b-boy turned full-time producer whose real name is Eric Seo, has a great feel for making Brandy, Ciara and Carley Rae Jepsen fit right in with what’s happening on the dancefloor right now.

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