Clentreace | The magical raptress I can’t stop listening to

Sometimes you come across a song that is just RIGHT. The lyrics resonate, the beat is perfect, the voice smooth. Those small four minutes embody this entire collection of emotions and your heart fills with cozy feelings. You wander off, time rewinds, and all of a sudden you find yourself reliving a moment long gone.

That’s what I experienced when listening to Clentreace’s “LoveHate”.

And boy, was it magical. So magical that it’s all I have been listening to for the last 24 hours, each time again with the same smile on my face thinking “DAMN this is good”.

Florida spitter Clentreace introduces herself as “Your Super Stoned Raptress” and released her second EP “Smoke+Mirrors” about nine months ago. It starts with a sample of The Winan’s eighties joint “Ain’t No Need To Worry” and kicks in fifteen seconds later with an almost effortless flow that blew me away. A flow that continues to stay on point throughout all eight tracks. Clentreace may call herself a raptress, but to me, she’s also the queen of lyricism.

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