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Cherrie | Swedish sensation bringing universal waviness

Tinder strikes again. In this new installment of “Don’t do it for the true love, do it for the music” my London match recommended Swedish singer Cherrie. He told me how “He had no idea what she was saying but it sounds amazing” – which is how I ended up saving her album Sherihan on Spotify.

Boy, was he right.

Whatever this girl is singing, I’m down! An article on Buzzfeed tells us the Somali-Swedish stunner sings about making it against all odds on one of her viral hits 163 för Evigt (or 163 Forever).

The soft vowels in the Swedish vocabulary go perfectly hand in hand with the dreamy beats. Slow hip hop beats with that get more drum-heavy and upbeat just often enough to keep the songs captivating, even when you have no idea what words you’re attempting to mimic.

Cherrie, real name Sherihan Hersi, closes her debut album with a Stormzy feature that’s so wavey I ended up playing it for thirty consecutive minutes.

Curious to hear what Swedish bedroom R&B sounds like? Listen below.

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