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Cesar | There’s a new Bieber in town, but better…

I’m going to start this post with a BIG THANK YOU for all the overwhelming support I’ve received, precious connections that were made, and exciting opportunities that have presented itself ever since Sign this Kid launched at the end of March (that’s 1,5 months ago folks, WHAT?! … I need a moment).

Many unsigned artists have contacted me about submissions, so I decided to add my contact information to the STK Instagram.

E-mails started coming in and in all honesty, I was so damn nervous. I hate giving people shit and I firmly believe that as long as you’re passionate about your music, you should do you, regardless of anyone’s opinion. Art comes in all sorts of forms. Some people are on your wave, some are not. Who am I to say anything, right?

So I hesitantly opened an e-mail I received from R&B slash pop singer/songwriter Cesar Santalo, who resides in Miami and makes music influenced by his personal favorites; Frank Ocean, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, and Post Malone.

He sent me his R&B song “happens” and after twenty seconds I knew, Cesar is so on my wave! The beat straight from a Soulection radio show, his voice warm and Bieber-like, the production on point. His SoundCloud sadly only features a handful of songs, like the catchy “Takin’ Off” with Miami rapper Gio.B (whose album “Coffin of Confidence” is a great listen), but I’d like to believe that these tracks are merely a preview of the many that are yet to come. Am I right, Cesar?

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