MeganJune 13, 2018

SOSUPERSAM | All-round cool kid with a sultry R&B vibe

Meet DJ, vocalist, dancer, Soulection affiliate and 143-founder Samantha Duenas, alias SOSUPERSAM, alias my #WCW. The Los Angeles based all-round ...

MeganJune 8, 2018

KWAYE | 21st century superstar that’ll be Uber-famous

It’s hard not to fall in love with KWAYE the moment the 23-year-old(!) starts singing. KWAYE, short for Kwayedza David ...

MeganJune 5, 2018

Olivier St.Louis | A melting pot of R&B, blues, rock and soul

Berlin. It’s one of those cities that you can never really leave. Not because you can’t, technically, but because it ...

MeganJune 3, 2018

F r a n c h i s e. | Summer-approved R&B remix maestro

I don’t know where you’re based, but let me tell you; global warming is real. Berlin is on fire, which ...

MeganApril 28, 2018

Lolo Zouaï | Parisian flair with SF and Brooklyn add-ons

The first time I heard Lolo Zouaï’s voice was in the upcoming mix of my friend slash creative talent slash ...

MeganApril 1, 2018

SABRE | The neo-soul flower that’s about to blossom

“Lay back, sit babe, just enjoy my company” Everything about this track is perfection. SABRE’s warm, characteristic tones put you ...

MeganMarch 29, 2018

LeXuS. | The all-round artist with 90s vibes

Imagine scented candles, a silk pyjama, some fluffy slippers and a glass of red wine. Kind of like in one ...

MeganMarch 26, 2018

Jabair | Feelgood endorphin releasing R&B and baile flips

I’m soon off to Bali for a couple weeks of amazing makan makan, sunset cocktails, long talks with my favorite ...