MeganJuly 23, 2017

Alfa Mist | Unapologetic jazz with hip hop influences

There’s something about jazz I can’t quite explain. The gentle drum ruffles, the continuous presence of the hi-hat, the short ...

MeganJuly 12, 2017

Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah | Review of a magical night full of heartfelt jazz

Imagine a humid summer night and the mysterious coziness of an old cemetery turned concert venue. An intimate space with ...

MeganMay 3, 2017

Laura Misch | A playground full of soulful, jazzy saxophone tunes

I love artists that have such a refined sound that you know already before hitting play their music will cause ...

MeganApril 5, 2017

Allysha Joy | Jazzy vibes and a raw, weathered voice

If I would have a record label, Allysha Joy would be, hands down, the first artist I would sign. The ...