Category: Hip hop

MeganApril 19, 2019

Don Kenobi & Weston | Poolside rap

Why it gotta be a Thursday for us to have a throwback? With this highly catchy tune, Don Kenobi and ...

MeganApril 16, 2019

Aywy | An ode to Nipsey Hussle

Sydney-based producer, instrumentalist and Flow-Fi collective co-founder aywy has always been one of my favorites. Ever since I heard opiate ...

MeganJanuary 28, 2019

Justin Starling | A man with a mission

He’s a man with a mission. Long Island rapper Justin Starling is not fooling around when it comes to his ...

MeganJanuary 4, 2019

Dally Auston | The future from the westside of Chicago

Westside Chicago rapper Dally Houston kicks off the new year with a brand new three-track project, fittingly named this is ...

MeganDecember 20, 2018

Josh LeBlanc | Fast, hilarious, and full of shade

Josh LeBlanc is memorable. So much that when he contacted me to listen to his song, I realized I had ...

MeganDecember 1, 2018

Tahj Ace | Brooklyn rapper with London vibes

Tahj Ace is the Brooklyn rapper that gives me real London boy vibes. Some tracks on his 2018 EP Cool ...

MeganNovember 28, 2018

Crock Taylor | New York, chicken, and ramen rap

“In New York” is how Crock Taylor’s EP Product of Payday starts. Within the first minute of listening to the ...

MeganNovember 21, 2018

Sam Penrhyn-Lowe | Instrumental lofi beats that sound like Spring

Imagine a sunny Sunday afternoon, opening the windows of your bedroom, feeling well-rested as a breeze of fresh air hits ...