Carvena Jones

Oh, Carvena. She single-handedly made this quarantine a blast for me. Where do I even start with this fangirl hype talk?!

I wrote about discovering Carvena earlier on my online journal Four x Four, so let’s start there. To recap: I came across this beautiful soul during one of Inayah Lamis her talent shows (my favorite Saturday morning activity). The IG live that she hosted after was pure magic. The piano! The voice! The look!

Her voice is so soothing, so pure, so filled with emotions. Like, I’ve sat in my room listening to her songs, tearing up, thinking: “wtf, why am I crying over this failed romance from two years ago?” She brings out all of your shit.

And then she started hosting her own IG talent show. Not only did she handpick amazing artists like Filgueira, rapper Pokah Havoc and Mekayla, she also thought about all the details. I love it when people’s efforts shine through. She came fully dressed, had clear 30-second singing rules, a cash prize, perfect lightning and prerecorded applause to play after each performance.

And then there’s that relaxed, hippie-like vibe she brings into the room. Carvena reminds me of a young Alicia. The one-side earrings, tomboy but feminine look, her calm, wise aura. This girl is it.

Like James Fortune said in his IG live, you don’t even need to say Jones. There’s only one Carvena, no last name needed. Awomen to that.

So please, follow Carvena on Instagram and hype this girl up so her reach spreads and she’ll start touring worldwide. We all need this voice in our lives!

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